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Customized scene matching soundtracks for your video- or movieproject

I compose and arrange orchestral film music/soundtracks for movies, videos, picturepresentations.
Principally I always write the music in full scores and excerpts of the single voices, so that my music can also be played by orchestras. A video-clip is worth a thousand words. Learn more about my customized soundtracks by enjoying my videos in my VIMEO-website.


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© All videos & music composed & arranged by Mike Scholz. All rights reserved.


My soundtrack-services

  • Individally customized composition for video- and film musics
  • Pdf-files of full scores of my compositions including the single voices for each instrument
  • Record of the full score as wav-file (CD-format) or as mp3-file.
Arrangements on your demand

Known titles have to be often transcribed, transposed or to be re-arranged to match the instrumentation in your ensemble or orchestra or to match the capabillity of your musicians. I can type your manuscript in a printable full score. This is a time-consuming work, which I can do for you.

My arrangement-services are:

  •  Typing of arrangements from leadsheets for your orchestra/band/ensemble
  •  Typing of your manuscript as full score/condensed score incl. single voices
  •  Record of the full score as wav-file (CD-format) and as mp3-file.
  •  Record of rehersal play-alongs with muted instruments, leadsheets of soli
  •  Individually customized print-layouts
All files will pricipally delivered or sent as printable PDF-files and as FINALE-files.

Write your request for my cooperation with my e-mailadress.

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