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Free music-download under the condition of Creative-Commons.

CC batch  The listed music-files are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

© All music composed by Mike Scholz.  All rights reserved. (except *)


The full scores and the instrument-sheets are available by request.

Please listen at least with a good headphone.


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The ISWC-Numbers are the international registerd numbers

of my compositions & arrangements



Compositions for symphonic/filmmusic-orchestras

Beyond the curtain  
Cuba libre  
Pavel Pavansky ISWC:T-312.861.869-5
Noche Algovial  

OCEANICA - a suite for windband

Dancing Sardines  

Music for windband

Horns Up Swing march
Cold Coffee - Kalter Kaffee Latin for windband
Algovian Noches Tango for Akkordeon & Windband
Matterhorn Polka, ISWC  T-307.215.162-9
Cafe au lait Tango for Akkordion & Windband


Sailing 2019 Housereef
Galapagos-Soundtracks-Land  Tila-2019
Seymour Mobula
Faces Encounters
Camouflage Desert
Colours Friday Night
Exvitation Reggae A-major-68
Bluewater The Wreck
Mikes Boogy p&bs Pianoversion, ISWC  T-308.207.347-6
Mikes Boogy for strings Strinquintett
Elemento Pasional Tango Argentino for stringensemble
Elemento Pasional 2 Tango Argentino for stringensemble   & bandoneon, ISWC  T-308.207.346-5
Dizzy Funky Stuff composed & played by Rainer Hertkorn.
Guitar solo by Mike Scholz

Sweet Child Of Mine
e-guitar solo

Sweet Child Of Mine
Acoustic Guitar solo

Guns´n Roses, Cover

Arr.: by Rainer Hertkorn.
Voc: Carmen Denzler
Guitar soli by Mike Scholz

Jazzstandard by Erroll Garner
Git/Voc: Uwe Schmidt
Git: Mike Scholz (right side)

Am Wildbach Funky Stuff composed & played by Rainer Hertkorn.
Flutesolo by Roland Fischer
Guitar solo by Mike Scholz
Playing my guitars  
Tentative  A piece for acousic guitar
Räggää Raggae
Candela Guitarsolo
Funky Noise Funky Jazz, ISWC:T-312.829.592-7
El Gato Nero Tango Latino, ISWC:T-312.829.596-1
Carlitos Bossa Bossa Nova
Carlito A piece for guitar
Wes` Song Jazz Walz
City Blues Funk, ISWC:T-309.042.617-4
Seduction Bossa Nova
Fingerprints Ballad
Patlike Jazz Samba
ZAPPAS Revenge Rock
The Well Guitarduet, Ballad
Laguna Videosoundtrack, Bossa Nova Style
Angaga Videosoundtrack, jazz
ILBN Boss Nova
Interlude Jazz, Swing
La Solitud Tango Nuevo
Lockdown 106 Rumba
Inspiration at 11:25 pm Jazz, Swing, Guitarduet
Lady charly Slow funk
Chilling Latin, Bolero, Cha Cha
Felicity Jazz-Samba
Drifting Latin Rock
String Tango Tango Nuevo
Bossa Nova #6 Bossa Nova style
Isolated Jazz Walz
My Sassy Samba Jazz Samba
Aqua Minerale Funky Fusion jazz
Fata Morgana Guitarduet
Cool Down Solo guitar, ballad, e-git
Cool Down ac Acoustic version
Milla Milla Funky Jazz
The Spell Pop-jazz? Who cares?
Seasons Solo guitar, ballad
Bonito Con Salsa Salsa
Blue Sky Bossa Nova
Song X Solo guitar, ballad
Samba Cancao Samba cancao
Nameless  Guitarduet, ballad
Worksong 2 Guitarduet, swing
Regentage (Rainy Days) Solo guitar, ballad
Black Hat Blues modified blues
Black Hat Blues version 2  
Black hat Blues for guitars  
Mr. Flottfinger Blues in G-minor, swing
Mike Scholz with FRESH CANFRUIT


Silly Song  
Blind eye funk *  KMNK e


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